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Help for Animals in TUNISIA

Help for Animals in TUNISIA

15000 €

Campaign Target


14667 € to go

**This campaign is addressed to  all “Animal Lovers” all over the world.**

Here we are trying to put an end to the massacres of street dogs in all cities of Tunisia following the stray dog slaughter campaigns that take place every day in Tunisia despite the enormous work done by associations in favor of animals.
These slaughter campaigns also affect dogs ringed and reported by associations.

Horrific images of dying dogs and babies suckling their dead moms are circulating in networks daily and it is intolerable that at a time when the animal has been declared endowed with sensitivity we condone such acts of cruelty!

It is for this reason that we are addressing you to help us put an end to these massacres while favoring campaigns for the recovery of stray dogs throughout Tunisia and dedicate a Mega refuge to them (will bear the name of “SC Pet Rescue “) where they will be entitled to favorable treatment under the control of partner vets and prepare them for later adoption by families around the world!


We will propose a solution from A to Z for these dogs, namely:

In the first place (as the Mega refuge of “CS Pet Rescue” will not be ready immediately) and for the safety of the animals, we will take care of the animals to recover from the streets and distribute them to different shelters, families of reception and animal protection associations where they can be safe from the inhumanity of municipal officers who take pleasure in taking bloodbaths for hours every night.

We will also take care of all their food and hygiene needs during this waiting period.

As soon as the “CS Pet Rescue” Mega refuge is ready, we will take care of transferring all the dogs to their new hotel so that they can live safely in a common space where everything will be done to provide the animals. the need to survive with daily follow-ups while at the same time preparing them to be adopted later and to integrate into homes.

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